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Fisholow aluminum gratings employ a unique interlocking system that joins the bearing and cross bars together in panels of exceptional rigidity and strength.

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, non-sparking alloys are ideal for pedestrian platforms in chemical, petroleum, hydro and food processing plants, in sewage, water and waste water treatment facilities.
Also available in close mesh and serrated.

Standard Mesh Aluminum Grating

Standard Bar / I Bar- Type 19
Bearing Bars - 1-3 / 16” centers

View Table of Safe Loads

Close Mesh Aluminum Grating

Loads, multiply values in Standard
Mesh tabel above By 1.28.

Type 15P - Standard Bar
Type 15I - I Bar

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ADA Compatible with 3/16” bars
Loads, multiply values in Standard
Mesh tabel above By 1.71.

Type 11P - Standard Bar
Type 11I - I Bar

View Table of Safe Loads

Table of Safe Loads - Imperial
Choose a span: 

U = Safe Uniform Load, in lbs, per sq. ft.
C = Safe Concentrated Load, in lbs, per foot of grating width.
D = Deflection in inches.

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